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Address 15-49 Nakataikoyama, Imizu-city, Toyama-pref.,
Phone +81 909 763 0909
Address 15-49 Nakataikoyama, Imizu-city, Toyama-pref.,


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Product Characteristics 》》》Promotional Video
Production Process I 》》》Tsuzumi -- Wooden Base
Production Process II 》》》Tsuzumi -- Shitaji
Production Process III 》》》Ofukuwake -- Nunokise
Production Process IV 》》》Miyabi -- Nunokise
Fukiurushi 》》》How Fukiurushi Shines *The movie will become available on Nov. 16, 2023

Each item comes with a paulownia box.
Paulownia boxes are light, insect repellent, anti-corrosive as well as flame retardant, and do not easily warp, crack, or deform. In addition, they keep a constant humidity inside the box because of paulownia’s exceptional hygroscopy. Paulownia swells by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere until it reaches equilibrium with the surrounding, while it shrinks by releasing it. So, higher humidity levels render paulownia boxes more airtight.

We use a piece of turmeric cloth to wrap each item except Ohashi, Ko-Tsuzumi and their variations.
Because our turmeric cloths are dyed with natural turmeric, the yellow color will easily start to fade by exposure to sunlight for just half an hour. However, their antibacterial and insect-repellent properties will remain after color fading.

All of our items are made with natural materials. Shikki is basically durable, but this durability is the result of the best use of natural materials. If you would like to use our products for a long time, which is our pleasure, please understand that you should avoid;
1) extreme temperature swings,
2) storing shikki in a extremely dry environment,
3) keeping shikki exposed to direct sunlight, and
4) using a metal knife as well as other sharps that could scratch the surface.

We hope you will appreciate the aging of shikki including change of color and fine scratches, which are inevitable accompaniment to cherished memories. However, should you find it in need of repair, please
contact us.
* Besides their prices, items without makie on them have a great advantage over their counterparts. Please click here to read the bottom of Makie description page for further details.